Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Clinton Township, MI

If you or your child is between the ages 17 and 25, it’s likely that their wisdom teeth may become impacted.

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Your wisdom teeth are four permanent adult teeth that are located at the back corners of your mouth. Having them become impacted means that the tooth is prepared to break through the gums, which is extremely painful and uncomfortable. By having wisdom teeth removed early, this prevents that problem and allows for the mouth to not be overcrowded. At Pleasant Dental, we take preventative measures when it comes to wisdom teeth. Each exam includes an x-ray, which we check to see if wisdom teeth are coming in. When they’re able to be seen, we let you know that they’ll have to come out before getting impacted. From there, we’ll create a plan to remove the wisdom teeth so as to avoid any future pain, infection or damage to other teeth.

Why do I need to get my wisdom teeth extracted?

  • Your jaw may be too small to support your wisdom teeth and they’ll be unable to break through your gums. 
  • If your wisdom teeth grow in an awkward angle, they’ll grow into other teeth (which is extremely painful). 
  • Impacted teeth can cause infection, damage to the jaw and many more complications.

The process of getting wisdom teeth removed doesn’t have to be scary!

The purpose of removing these teeth is to prevent pain and discomfort in the future. After we realize that your wisdom teeth are coming in through x-rays and proper examination, we let you know. From there, we schedule your procedure with Dr. Albaghdadi. The day of the procedure, simply arrive on time and in comfortable clothes. Our friendly staff will guide you to the procedural room, where they’ll explain the procedure to you and ask your anesthesia preferences. Depending on your comfort level, we offer local anesthesia and general anesthesia. Local anesthesia means that Dr. Albaghdadi injects a shot to numb the pain during the procedure, and you’ll be awake. You will not feel any pain, just pressure! General anesthesia is administered through an IV and is a sedative, meaning that you will be unconscious during the procedure and won't remember it when you wake up.  

Dr. Albaghdadi’s wisdom teeth removal process is gentle, comprehensive and professional!

During the procedure, he puts his years of dental experience to work. He starts by making an incision in the gum to expose the wisdom tooth. From there, he removes any bone that prevents access to the root of the tooth. After, he cleans the area that the tooth was removed from and stitches it up. A bit of gauze is applied to control bleeding and the procedure is over! 

To learn more about our wisdom teeth removal services or to schedule your own initial consultation, contact the team at Pleasant Dental today!

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